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My first post

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Hello! The time is now that I will capture and share my experiences on this blog. I am aware that writing works therapeutic for me, as it allows me to reflect. At the same time does it allow me to engage with a wide audience as my experiences will be shared with the world. This blog will give me a reason and a forum to write my point of view, learnings, bright ideas and reports of the meetups I go to.

My need to write and reflect

At a young age I stared building websites. One of my previous websites can be found here. When I was 26 I found it difficult to define my next adventure. I suffered from a knee problem and had time to think about what would make me happy for the next 5 years. I started writing and eventually created a webpage about this. This brainstorm resulted in starting an Executive MBA programme this January at the University of Oxford. For the next two years I will be exposed to many new things that I would like to share with you. Next to sharing my experiences in Oxford, I will also be traveling to India, Silicon Valley, China and South Africa as part of this programme.

Follow me

I hope that you will enjoy following me through this journey. If you have questions, a suggestion you want me to write about or just get in touch, please do so by sending me an email or by using the contact form. Also if you would like to receive updates on my next post, leave your details behind in the section below and I will get in touch when I have written a new post.

I look forward to make this website a great place to learn and meet new people so please reach out.

Catch you soon.


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